How to become a Reviewer.

Peer review is an indispensable task in the area of journal publication which not only helps the author to exercise more on a certain subject but also helps the reviewer to expand the subject in which the reviewer has an interest. The knowledge earned with the long years of dedicated devotion and study ensures the authentic Journal writing. This also helps the Reviewer to have an unceasing flow of knowledge and a long-lasting career.

There is always a great demand of peer reviewers in the field of journal publication which means that the particular study of a subject of an individual remains expanding with the latest researches, updated technology and out of the box journals.

Who Can Become a Reviewer?

Thinking to become a peer reviewer doesn’t require knowing all-in-all and everything of a lot of subjects in the process to carry out. It simply relies on the area of a subject that the reviewer is interested in. 

In journal publication, the authors bring about a lot of valuable findings based on the practical researches that are made in a specified subject. The editors offer the reviewers to carry on the process of peer review which is a great task of bringing about knowledgeable research. The manuscripts are forwarded by the editors to the reviewers along with the required documents - if needed. 

Eventually, a reviewer is required to have enough knowledge to assess the research papers so that the precise criticism and suggestions can be provided so that no important part should be left behind.

Becoming a Reviewer

There are some of the substantial things to bear in mind before you take to become a reviewer. However, to become a Reviewer you are required to have sound knowledge of a particular subject but there are some of the general guidelines that ARCC Journals suggest to become a reviewer.

  1. To have a keen interest and knowledge of a certain subject.
  2. To have experience in the area of a particular subject.
  3. To have an expensive/good social network with researching intelligentsia.
  4. Willing to learn from the editor about some important guidelines from the editors
  5. To be ready to accommodate himself with the experienced peer Reviewer.
  6. Open to seek for the related and previous journals for the reliable criticism

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